The community bonding period is from 5th May to 30th May.

Hello wiki,

This is my Second Google summer of code this time I am working with my dream community Wikimedia Foundation.

About My Project: Build a similar to @NYPLEmoji bot for Commons images

Wikimedia need to use their “Wikimedia Commons” under the license like CC BY or CC BY-SA,
or public domain.So they come up with the creative idea for make re-use of images with Bot.
Now are days bots are new tech part of technology so wiki wants to develop twitter bot like
@NYPL Emoji Bot.

People who tweet an emoji to @NYPLEmoji get a similar image from the collections in
response. The proposed project is about creating a similar bot for Commons images. It will
introduce a lot of people to the Commons collection and because it uses emoji, not words, it
would translate for mobile/desktop users worldwide.

Work was done this week:

  • Set up my blog
  • Introduced myself on mailing list and connected to my mentor on Zulip
  • Setup my Task on phabricator: T164560
  • Read Documentation related to MediaWiki and Commons Images