Week 3 was dedicated to the finalizing all the development and work of the project before the coding period starts. Alos update my user page check out this. The one great things I and my mentor do is meeting in two times in a week there we discuss all the idea, decide the workflow talk about the project progress also I get greater knowledge from their side.

We finalize some of the things in my project for the data gathering of the Wikimedia common images. Also, we discuss the possibility of the connect emoji to wiki commons images how I can connect these things.

I also make some notes about the possibilities with their advantages and disadvantages list out the possibilities on the paper.

Then we brainstormed all the things and decided to make a table and for that, I have to make on the wiki page.

In this week I got a lot off knowledge about the Wikimedia common community.My task is made a page for the connecting emoji to the relevant common image categories.