Yeah Successfully Completed My First Evaluation!

This week of GSoC I learn about Dyno and Procfile and make for my Bot to run my Scheduler for Tweet.

So, start with Scheduler

How does the scheduler work?

Installing the add-on

To use the Heroku Scheduler, install the add-on:

$ heroku addons:create scheduler:standard

Heroku scheduler for the schedule the status part of Bot. For that, you need to add Heroku add-ons called need to schedule your Bot status according to that you can put the timer schedule status for hours, day etc.

What is Procfile?

procfile is a mechanism for declaring what commands are run by your application on Heroku platform.

This is for Twitter streaming API.

A procfile is named as only “procfile”.It should be named exactly this not anything else.

example like procfile.txt in not valid.